with BioCell Collagen

Supports joint function by strengthening cartilage and joint structure. Helps promote joint lubrication by replenishing the synovial fluid. Promotes joint comfort and mobility. Helps rebuild cartilage Protects tendon and ligaments during intense exercise Promotes tendon and ligament connective tissue recovery following intense exercise


Daily Maintenance Dosage: Take (3) capsules 30 minutes before bed with a glass of water.

Joint Health Jumpstart Dosage: In addition to evening dosage, take (3) capsules along side lunch or mid-day meal with a glass of water.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 3 Capsules
Serving Per Container: 30
Amount per Serving %DV
BioCell Collagen® 1000mg **
Vitacherry® Whole Tart Cherry Extract (Prunus Cersus) (Fruit) 600mg **
Cissus Quadrangulari Extract 20% Ketosteroids (Whole Plant) 500mg **
Paractin® (Bioactive 14-Neo-Andro Compound) Andrographis paniculata extract (leaf) 150mg **
**%Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (capsule), Microcrytalline Cellulose (plant fiber), Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source), Silicon Dioxide


  • Promote Joint Lubrication by replenishing the synovial fluid
  • Help Rebuild Cartilage
  • Support Joint Function
  • Promote Connective Tissue Recovery

Formulated and Partnership with:

Patented Ingredients:


Collagen is essential for the structure and function of many connective tissues which glue other tissues and organs together. As aging is closely associated with the loss of collagen and the deterioration of the connective tissue, supplementation of bioavailable hydrolyzed collagen helps to counteract the negative consequences. Not all collagen is created equally. Dramatically different sources, manufacturing, and purification processes all go into determining the effectiveness of the ingredient. The patented production process of BioCell® leads to an ingredient that is 60x more available with a molecular weight that is 100x lower than "Standard" generic collagen. The patented manufacturing process is crucial to creating the ideal molecular size of the collagen to maximize absorption effectiveness and speed. Only BioCell® has the clinical data through 4 human studies to prove its benefits!

  • 1. BioCell® Collagen on subjective pain caused by various joint discomforts This trial enrolled 89 subjects who were experiencing pain caused by joint discomfort. The subjects ingested BioCell® Collagen for 45 days. Out of 89, 80 subjects (89%) taking BioCell Collagen experienced a degree of improved joint comfort. In contrast, only one subject who took placebo had improved joint comfort. No adverse events associated with BioCell Collagen were reported.
  • 2. BioCell Collagen on joint discomfort This randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial enrolled 16 subjects who had joint discomfort. The safety and efficacy of BioCell Collagen in managing joint discomfort was investigated by using the WOMAC index. The subjects ingested BioCell Collagen for 8 weeks. As compared to placebo, BioCell Collagen significantly reduced the joint discomfort as much as 40% at the end of the study. No adverse events associated with BioCell Collagen were reported.
  • 3.  BioCell Collagen on joint discomfort – expanded, confirmatory clinical trial Results of study – Min. 30% less discomfort in 71% of subjects taking BioCell Collagen. This randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled trial enrolled 80 subjects who had joint discomfort. The safety and efficacy of BioCell Collagen in managing joint discomfort was investigated by using the WOMAC index. The subjects ingested BioCell Collagen for 10 weeks. As compared to placebo, BioCell Collagen significantly reduced joint discomfort, confirming the earlier trial discussed above. No adverse events associated with BioCell Collagen were reported. The study outcome was published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (2012).
  • 4. BioCell Collagen may improve recovery following weight training exercise Blood markers associated with muscular stress, creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, and C-reactive protein, all showed improved levels following exercise challenge(s) between the BioCell Collagen treated and placebo groups. Post challenge performance decrement was diminished in BioCell Collagen individuals versus the placebo group. The study outcome was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.


United States grown Organic Tart Cherries are the source of this patented ingredient. The powerful and complete 600mg dosage provided in J(8) reduces provides a potent dosage of anthocyanin, a natural compound that reduces inflammation and post exercise soreness. Additionally, this will lead to faster recovery after strenuous activity/exercise. There is additional benefit in naturally lowering uric acid levels, which can hep with those suffering from pain induced by arthritis or gout.

  • 1. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition Research supports the pain relief benefits of incorporating VitaCherry® in a training routine. In one study, runners who drank cherry juice twice a day for seven days prior to and on the day of a long-distance relay had significantly less muscle pain following the race.
  • 2. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports A similar study in marathoners found that runners who drank cherry juice 5 days before, the day of and 2 days after running a marathon experienced a faster recovery of strength, increased total antioxidant capacity and reduced inflammation and lipid peroxidation compared to a noncherry beverage.


Cissus is an herb that grows primarily in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, as well as parts of Africa. The herb has been used in traditional medicines for hundreds of years to increase bone strength and reduce muscle and joint pain. As issue in the past was that dosages of 1000mg or higher were needed due to low percentage of active KS within the herb extracts. Most Cissus materials were ranging from between 5 and 10% KS. HPN is using a 20% KS material which is 2-4x stronger and delivers greater results in improving joint health and muscle function.

  • 1. The Physician and Sports Medicine A study in exercise trained men who experienced chronic joint pain due to said exercise given cissus quadrangularis daily for eight weeks noted that supplementation was associated with a 31% reduction in total WOMAC score (self-reported joint pain and impairment) relative to baseline.
  • 2. Journal of Osteoporosis Women drastically loose bone during and after menopause leading to osteoporosis, a disease characterized by low bone mass increasing the risk of fractures with minor trauma. Existing therapies mainly reduce bone resorption, however, all existing drugs have severe side effects. Recently, the focus is to identify alternative medicines that can prevent and treat osteoporosis with minimal or no side effects. We used Cissus quadrangularis (CQ), a medicinal herb, to determine its effects on bone loss


Andrographis Paniculata is an annual herbaceous plant in the family Acanthaceae, and is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the traditional systems of Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. It is widely cultivated in India, China, and Southeastern Asia. A. paniculata has been shown to strongly support healthy inflammatory response. Andrographolide, an active ingredient in Andrographis, has been shown to be responsible for the herb's inflammatory modulating actions. ParActin® is a patented and standardized extract from the Andrographis Paniculata plant that has been shown in research to promote healthy inflammatory response by naturally invigorating the PPAR gamma response, inhibiting NF-kappaB, the key regulator of our inflammatory response system, thereby naturally reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines and proteins associated with pain and soreness from everyday activities.

ParActin® Benefits for Bone Health

In the process of bone formation, osteoblasts produce a calcium and phosphate-based mineral that is deposited. Almost the entire bone matrix is mineralized by the osteoblasts. ParActin® increases osteoblast activity which has a mineralizing/protective effect on the bones with the increase of calcium deposits. This is crucial because with age our rate of bone breakdown becomes faster than our rate of bone rebuild. ParActin® helps offset and fight this shift to increase bone health and strength.

osteoclast = bone breakdown

osteoblast = bone rebuild

  • 1. Clinical Rheumatology In a randomized, double blind, and placebo-controlled study published on Clinical Rheumatology 2009, 60 patients with rheumatoid arthritis were given 100mg of ParActin® or placebo for 14 weeks. ParActin® showed to be effective in reducing number of swollen joints, total grade of swollen joint and tender joints. ParActin® helped normalize Rheumatoid Factor, creatinkinase, hemoglobin, immunoglobin IgA and IgM. The reduction in IgA and IgM is beneficial as there is positive correlation between the grade of cartilage damage.
  • 2. Innovative Rheumatology In another clinical published on Innovative Rheumatology Jan 2013, 8 patients with various rheumatoid conditions were given ParActin® daily for 3 ½ years. Treatment with ParActin® showed significant improvement in number of swollen joints, total grade of swollen joint, total grade of tender joints, and improvement in Quality of Life. In addition, there was a significant reduction in Rheumatoid Factor, Eryhrocytes Sedimentation Rate, Pain, and C-Reactive Protein.



Myodetox is focused on helping individuals live pain free and move at their full potential.

We’re in constant pursuit to educate people on the benefits of listening to their body to avoid future injuries and eliminate the daily wear and tear it endures. While our goal is squarely set on the wellness of each person, we intend to disrupt the entire rehab industry by showing people what is possible.

We believe keeping up with life shouldn’t be an obstacle to fulfilling your potential. By constantly pushing the boundaries of our manual therapy system and treating individual cases as effectively as possible, we are improving an industry that for too long has been stuck in trying to fix complex problems with one dimensional fixes.


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Life changing!!!

I have been through two acl reconstruction surgeries in each knee and also meniscus tears in each knee. I also currently have cartilage damage in my left knee. I had both injuries playing basketball through the years. I have taken this product for roughly 10 days and have already seen less swelling and fatigue in my knees and legs. It has helped my current basketball play and just overall daily activities. This product is a game changer and needs to be taken by anyone. I believe it is something that is helping repair the damage done in my joints and knees. *

*Results may vary.

Amber Smith


Back in March Sean posted to Instagram about J8 and N4 for anyone have joint pain and discomfort so I decided to give it a try. Best purchase ever! I have to tell you that my knees are feeling absolutely amazing! I am so thankful for these products! I have bursitis in my left knee and sometimes it would be so bad that walking my dogs was a struggle. All the steroid injections and therapy and other joint supplements helped but never enough. Since I've been taking J8 and N4 (which hasn't even been a month yet) I have been able to do legs twice and week as well as enjoying lots of hiking *

*Results may vary.



A few weeks back in March, I saw Sean Torbati had an Instagram post asking if anyone had lingering joint/ligament/soft tissue pain and discomfort and if so to email HPN customer care because he was sure he had something that could help. Sean thought that this supplement could be part of the solution so I took a chance, sent the email and in my opinion made out like a bandit by basically getting J(8) and pretty much a free N(4). I have really bad knees from years of hockey, My right knee being very bad with a degenerative bone disease. I have severe arthritis in my right shoulder so bad that I have to keep getting cortisone injections in it and the doctor mentioned surgery. I have tried so many joint supplements and wasted so much money on them but I figured what the hell. If Sean really believes J(8) can help I'll give it a shot. I have been on it for 2 weeks and DAMN! I am just stunned by how much the pain in my shoulder and knees has really done down. Especially my shoulder. I have some mobility back in my shoulder and very minimal pain. I was unable to do any chest, back, or shoulder workouts because the pain would shoot up into my neck and sometimes down my arm. J(8) has me back doing upper body again like I was before the pain was to severe. This really is a game changer for anyone who is having joint and soft tissue pain and problems. I recommend this for everyone. J(8) is now a staple in my supplement arsenal. *

*Results may vary.

Jake W

Fibromyalgia pain lessened! The real deal

Let me start by saying that I have only been taking J(8) a little over a week now and have already noticed a HUGE improvement. I'm now able to do workouts that I was unable to do before due to my chronic fibromyalgia pain. Now I can essentially have "pain-free" workouts. I still have fibromyalgia and I can still feel the effects of sore and painful joints. However taking a J(8) has TREMENDOUSLY decreased that pain from what it was. HPN never ceases to amaze me. Plus I feel confident taking it knowing it's 100% pure and safe. I strongly recommend J(8) to everyone, but especially to those suffering from fibromyalgia pain. Results may vary, but I truly believe it can be beneficial to alleviate pain and return joint mobility as well. *

*Results may vary.


Absolutely a gem.

In the sea the of joint products that have flooded the market and guarantee miraculous ailing effects J8 is one that actually lives up to this claim and it does it remarkably well. I eagerly awaited the release of J8 just due to the fact that one of the ingredients is Paractin, I've had great results in it in the past but after reading up the other ingredients included it was evident that this was gonna be an all-star product for the category and I wasn't disappointed. Pros : The immediate pain relief/analgesic effects, I credit this to the paractin. A week into J8 I started my shoulder rehab/grip work which incorporated alot of core, strength arm movements, anti rotational stability and shoulder stability. Three and a half weeks later I strongly believe that J8 really stepped in and delivered, it absolutely help mitigate any prolonged soreness or sheer pain that goes outside the general DOMS big time. The other ingredients I feel have finally kicked in, notice reduced inflammation throughout the whole body and especially my right knee ( where I have an intramedullar rod that goes all the way down to my ankle from a tib/fib fracture ) Cons : Price, it is a little expensive but I know the ingredients are top quality and pending on if you have a nagging injury or are using this product as an insurance policy you might experience the full benefits within a 2nd or 3rd bottle. I absolutely love this product. *

*Results may vary.


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