Ultra Premium Creapure®

Strength and size go hand in hand. If you’re getting stronger and eating right, you will gain lean muscle mass. C(2) is here to help. We ONLY use 100% Ultra-Pure material from Creapure® because it is the ONLY Creatine that we trust for our customers.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 scoop with 4oz of water, a protein shake, or juice before workouts or physical activity and 1 scoop after completion of the workout. On non-training days, take one serving upon waking, prior to first meal.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Scoop(2.5g)
Servings Per Container: 100
Amount per Serving %Daily Value
Creatine Monohydrate 2.5g *
(From Creapure® Ultrapure Creatine Monohydrate)
*Daily Value not yet established


  • Increase in training capacity (Endurance)*
  • Increase in absolute power (Strength)*
  • Decrease in mental fatigue*


HPN only uses 100% Creapure® Creatine for C(2) because it is the only Creatine they trust for their athletes. Creapure® Creatine is clinically proven to increase strength and endurance by 30% and decrease muscle lactic acid accumulation and fatigue by 70%. Research also shows that C(2) increases strength and brain health as well as eliminating water retention and / or bloating. C(2) does this by increasing the phosphocreatine stores for greater ATP availability during exercise and activity. C(2) is 100% safe and effective for not just athletes but for everyone. If you want to increase size and strength you need C(2) Creapure® Creatine.

C(2) FAQs

How much C(2) do I need on a daily basis?

The researched effective daily dosage for Creapure® is 2.5-5 grams per day. We recommend 5 grams (2 scoops) on workout days, and 2.5 grams (1 scoop) on non-workout days

Will C(2) cause bloating water retention?

C(2) does not cause any bloating or water retention. The world’s best and most proven form of creatine, known as Creapure® is used in our formula to prevent any sort of negative water balance issues..

Does C(2) have any uncomfortable or dangerous side effects?

When the side effects or dangers of creatine are discussed, the issue is normally with the inferior and lower grade materials that many companies use to save money. These unverified creatines contain high amounts of creatine as well as fillers and heavy metals, which is the cause of most all side effects users experience. We ONLY use 100% ultra-pure Creapure® to guarantee the best results with no unwanted side effects.

When is the best time to take my C(2)?

C(2) is best taken in the peri-workout (around the workout) time frame. For workout days we recommend 1 serving Pre-workout and 1 serving post workout. Remember: if you are using our complete pre-workout formula, P(3) - you do not need to take C(2) pre-workout, as P(3) already contains a full serving.



*All Customer Feedback is subject to individual opinion’s based on that individual’s experience. Results may vary. There is no guarantee.

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Craig N.

Product delivered on time.

Was very pleased with my purchase. *

*Results may vary.

Ricky H.

Very good product

I've been cycling this creative for months and have seen great results. Very little water weight, if it all. *

*Results may vary.

Sheyney B.

HPN C2 Creapure

I was using the GNC Creatine prior to Creapure®. There is definitely a noticeable difference for me. My pumps are way better. I actually began using HPN's Creapure® the same day as Isatori's Bio-Gro. Together the recovery/strength gain efficiency has been terreffic! I lift heavy at each workout, as I always have a spotter, I always push myself to that next level of weight on my sets. Next day, little to no soreness! I have a 6 day split. I have been having strength gains from one workout to the next! This has happened for the past 4 weeks straight. I even talked my military co-workers into trying this product! Would definitely recommend to anyone. *

*Results may vary.

Justin F.

Great Product

I have noticed a nice spike in my strength. This is a great product. *

*Results may vary.


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